Monique Morrow

Chief Technology Strategist

Technology Should Find You The Perfect Job

May, 3 2017

The work culture of today is dynamic to say the least. A huge portion of the working class are working longer hours and for less compensation than previous generations.

But what if technology can change that dynamic? What if instead of settling, you could use the innovations at our disposal to not only find a good job, with decent hours, and fair pay, but to find the perfect job?

Our job market is suffering- people are struggling to find meaning and security at work. 16-24 year olds are trying to enter the labor market, and they seek meaningful roles that will also expand their skills. On the other side of the spectrum, experienced professionals are facing difficulty as companies seek to cut costs through technology, junior staff, and outsourcing. All of this makes sense in light of economic upheavals and geopolitical changes. But, in light of technology, there should be much better way for people to find not only a job, but the perfect job for them.

Plenty of narratives that focus on the way that millennials are changing the workplace. This is true–they are creating companies that have more flexible scheduling, less rigid hierarchies, and are often digital-native enterprises. These are positive changes, but it turns out even these reports miss something major. Millennials aren’t engaged. They are often bored and unchallenged at work.

The ability to find a job that will both stimulate and develop younger participants in the workforce should be a priority for technologists. There are already some initiatives engaged in building this service, but there are not enough. For example, in Singapore, the app Glints has already helped young people worried about their lack of experience find professional jobs.

Experienced professionals who are out of work are also face challenges with the job hunt. More and more people are competing for positions, and their younger competitors are often cheaper. But there is a demand for for all types of seasoned workers in different kinds of roles. It is a failure on behalf of technology that they cannot be easily matched with an opportunity that will be wonderful for them, their talents, and their goals. and We can fix things for the talented population that is often “forced” out of the working grid due to cheaper, younger hires.

One company I have my eye on is Belong. Belong uses data science and predictive analytics to perform what is called “predictive hiring.” This is a start, but the role of technology should be as a lever to create an AI driven full stack “Great Job as a Service” capability. There is no reason that both budding career men and women and more experienced workers should not be thrilled with their jobs. Connecting people and opportunities is what technology is supposed to be for!

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