Monique Morrow

Chief Technology Strategist

Women and girls are interested in STEM fields but there are prevalent myths that may hinder them from developing this interest. Monique Morrow addresses these myths and presents options available to all that will help overcome these challenges in a three-part video series brought to you by Women in Networking on the Cisco Learning Network.

Monique Morrow, Cisco, sat down with Lisa Martin, theCUBE at the CloudNOW 5th annual 'Top Women in Cloud' Innovation Awards in Mountain View, CA

In the past, regular citizens had a pretty good idea about how to keep their personal documents private and how to protect themselves against things like identity theft and fraud. Use a shredder to dispose of sensitive banking documents. Cut up your old credit cards. Don’t toss sensitive documents in the trash on the curb. Protect sensitive paperwork in a home safe or lock box.
Fast forward to today. Paper is history. Like electricity, the internet is running through charging our homes—it’s all over, the smart TV, the laptop, the smart kitchen appliances, the smart car, the phones, etc. The internet of things has obviously introduced a host of conveniences but it has also introduced a host of invisible threats and risks to our privacy.
This blog will share a few common sense measures to protect yourself in your smart home. It will also raise the question that we as an industry must think hard about. In the age of the smart home, who is ultimately responsible when problems arise, device manufacturers or service providers? The issue is complicated.