Monique’s Message


Pillar 1

One very big message is around the liberty of identity. We should all have control over our identity and countries should recognize that identity. At this moment 10 million people are not recognized because they don’t have control over their identity. Imagine you live in a country where there is war, and you have to leave immediately. Or imagine all your stuff got lost in an earthquake or fire. Most people leave with nothing. I would think: I have my important documents in my Google drive, so I will be fine. But immigration officers do not recognize these documents in digital form.  You have to have the original documents. Since I am also President and Co-Founder  of the Humanized Internet, my first message is: we have to change the system; identity that corresponds to being member of nation state should be portable – because without identity you’re nothing.

Pilar 2

My second message is about the question: are you in control over your identity, and do you care? Everyday a lot of identities get hacked via Facebook and Google, a lot of people think: ‘that won’t happen to me’, or ‘it is already too late’. I think it’s not too late. I can imagine that we all have our own digital box with all our important personal things – private and professional – in it. You choose what you share with whom. For example with the doctor I trust, or researchers. And this system should be completely transparent.  When these dynamics change Google for example should pay me in the future, because they’re using my data.



Pillar 3

My last message is about what ethics look like in technology. Does ethics carry value? As individuals we are all being profiled through technology. Take smart homes for example: these electronic products are listening, watching you. But who is listening? The potential for misuse is very strong. I want people to be aware of their use of these wonderful technologies.