Monique Morrow

Chief Technology Strategist

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June 2018


We live in a society that is driven largely by the Internet and our individual digital presence, and with each new technological advance our shift to a digital future only grows. That is why it is so crucial that as the Internet progresses, we find ways to keep up with that growth.


There are so many fantastic things that come with access online like creating and solidifying our identity, staying globally connected, and being able to collaborate and create with people from all around the world. Along with those things though, we are still threatened by what can happen if the power of the Internet drifts from our grasp.


In the midst of companies and individuals trying to take advantage of others online, we are facing a crisis of major proportions. Even though we began with a free space for ideas and progress we now see regulations, such as net neutrality, slipping through the cracks. That means that what used to be beneficial for everyone can now only be accessed by those with money, or connections.


This distrust in the power of companies that now, in some ways, own Internet content is leading to distrust amongst users. We are starting to uncover the misuse of personal data and the overstepping of boundaries when it comes to personal privacy. When we lose the free and secure ways of the Internet, we are losing the things that made it great and beneficial for everyone. It is meant to be a space for progress and connection, but instead it has become a mysterious platform that causes distress for many users.  


How do we fix this? We want to win the Internet back and once again make it a space that can reinforce progress, and help people from all over the world. We need to push for the regulations that will make our digital lives better and safer and continue to strive for an online presence that can move our world forward.

The Humanized and ethical internet can save lives and give people all around the world hope. We cannot let those benefits go away simply because we did not take the time to speak out, or take action. The Internet is made for people, not for the companies that wish to control it for their own gains. We can win the Internet back, we can raise awareness so that every person in the world can have a digital identity, and we can assure an Internet that works for us rather than against us.